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nothin' but shattered dreams, shattered dreams.

I couldn't care less about Clay Aiken. If anything, he kinda creeps me out. But here I sit anyway, reading various Claymates blogs and message boards because it's just sooooooooo hilarious to peek in on his fervent fans dealing with such drama and major news. It's news to them, anyway.

Here's a sample reaction, and really just the tip of the iceberg:

i don't hate clay now. but i will no longer support him... i will no longer fly across the country to see him on the east coast because he isnt doing a west coast tour... no more midnight parties.... no more camping out at every tv show taping to catch a glimpse... he lied. and he came out to people magazine before he had the respect to do it privately...

So there's a silver lining on that person's particular cloud: more sleep and less time away from home. Maybe they will finally be able to hold down a job. And what will they do with all the money they save?? I hope they at least keep the camping gear.

And there are plenty others like this:

I am devastated over this. No one has been more loyal to Clay than I have. I have a whole YouTube of Montages of Clay Aiken. I even stopped posting here when a lot of fans were leaving him because of their disgust that Clay would have a baby and not be married and with a 50 yr old woman. Yet I was still supportive of Clay because I felt that was his personal business. I told myself that here were 2 people that wanted children but had thought of going a different route 'til one friend decided to donate his Sperm to his Dearest Friend. I was so proud of him that he was willing to risk all the negative publicity over it so his friend, who was taking a risk at her age but was willing to do so just to be a mother, and it would give him the chance of being a father also. With his schedule always full, I just felt he had not met anyone let alone have the time to build a relationship yet he wanted so much to be a father and here was his chance and he was gonna take it. I WAS TO PROUD OF HIM even though there were fans that left him because of it..

Remember: once you put a YouTube Montage on the innerweb, it's out there somewhere to haunt you forever. Think about it!

To my ATL friends, might I suggest you find comfort during this difficult time by attending one of the Georgia Claymates upcoming gatherings.
They meet monthly... though there's nothing scheduled yet for October. Hmmmm.

There was this highly unusual request posted in regards to their last meeting:

Anyone who has any clack that they would like to share please feel free to bring it. 

I dare someone to find out what 'clack' is.

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