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the ghost (?) strikes again [Jan. 27th, 2012|03:27 pm]
Yesterday, downstairs in the den (which is definitely the corner of the house where weird things seem to happen) I was getting ready to start a DVD when I heard movement/footsteps on the front walk, which runs right by the basement-level windows. The blinds were down so I couldn't see anything, nor detect any actual movement, and I looked because I'd already picked up the mail that day and the mailman is usually the only person who commonly uses the front walk past the basement windows; most people go up a staircase closer to the front door. Still, it could have been a solicitor or *maybe* one of our neighbors from up the hill, which from that direction would also take someone along the walkway.

I waited for a moment, expecting the doorbell to ring. It didn't. Then I heard the footsteps/motion again. The cat noticed it, too. At this point I decided to go upstairs and investigate, in case it was someone casing our house. Opened the door and there was no sign of anyone, not even down the block in either direction, and someone would've had to RUN to be out of eyesight by the time I opened the door.

The odd thing about all this is we've been in this house for 1.5 years and have had a few weird things happen, but now that I've been home alone and working without music on (because I'm screening films) I'm hearing and noticing a lot more.

Also, the front walk is paved with these big concrete panels with hinges on one side; it looks like maybe it was supposed to be a bomb shelter or something, but we've never attempted to open it because there are no handles, the concrete panels are HUGE and I worry that we might not be able to get them closed or break them somehow if we messed with them. But I am very curious about what's down there...
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boo! [Jan. 24th, 2012|02:55 pm]
Speaking of ghosts from the past, I'm pretty sure that my house is haunted.

I've experienced a number of weird things here, occasionally Corianton has as well, and sometimes when we're together. The strangest that we both experienced was down in the den, watching a movie in the dark when we both heard this clawing/scraping/running noise over by the utility room. We both assumed that it was the cat having one of her 'freak out' moments... until I pointed out the cat on the opposite side of the room. The cat definitely has some issues with things in the utility room; she'll howl at the same spot in the wall.

Today I was in the kitchen making lunch and I kept hearing these really weird house noises coming from the hallway and living room. Our 1962 custom split-level makes a significant amount of noise as temperatures rise and fall inside and out. But this was more thumpy and 'present' that I normally hear; I kept thinking that maybe someone was in the house. I'm here alone because Corianton's been working on-site since November.

And then the supernatural shit hit the fan: a deep, creepy voice came booming out of the living room. FOR REALS. I couldn't quite understand what it was saying, and it was just there for a few seconds, but it was totally like something you'd hear in a 70s exorcist movie, super slowed down and ominous, and it seemed like it was in mid-sentence of something. AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! Even the cat stopped begging me for food and walked over to the doorway to the living room and just stared.

Maybe it's time to bust out some sage?
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vacation all i ever wanted [Sep. 21st, 2011|06:50 pm]
Working late, working hard. Spent 5 days down in Fresno at the Reel Pride film festival that I helped program. The festival was a success. Fresno was a little spooky. One day I went walking in search of tacos and only saw about 5 people (including a pimp and a hooker) on my two-mile roundtrip from downtown.

Booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta for end of Oct / early November. I was excited to check out some of the Day of the Dead festivities and artwork, until a friend said, "You know the airlines aren't flying down there as much because of all the violence, right?"

This morning I was reading the news on my phone and Corianton asked about a picture he saw on my screen. I identified it as Mexico City and he said, "Oh how weird -- I was just laying thinking that maybe we should go to Mexico City on our way home from PV." Then I pointed out that the picture was related to the news about 35 bodies being dumped in the middle of an avenue in broad daylight. So maybe we'll just stick to the PV part and hope it doesn't become Vacation of the Dead for reals.
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say what? [Jun. 7th, 2011|01:50 pm]
About a month ago, I developed a weird ringing in my ears. I first noticed it about a week after Coachella, at a massage appointment. I'd brought in my own iPod and had it plugged in to one of those little clock radio type things, and about halfway through my massage I noticed this weird, high-pitched tone. It seemed like it was coming from the iPod speakers, but I didn't say anything about it. After my massage, when I unplugged the iPod, I noticed that I was still hearing a high pitched ringing.

I subject my ears to a lot of loud stuff: rock shows, movies, demolition derbies, motivating gym music, etc. And I don't usually wear earplugs. But I'm also rarely up super close -- I like to position myself in the 'sweet spot' back and to the middle. Sometimes I might have a little ringing right after a show or even the next day, but it usually goes away. The last set I saw at Coachella was the Presets, which was awesome and epic and joyously ear-splitting, and I was right up in the little VIP section next to a WALL of speakers. But I didn't notice any ear issues until the massage, over a week later. A few weeks after that, when the ringing wasn't any better and I was getting another massage, the guy who works on me said that he had noticed the weird noise coming from the iPod as well on my previous visit. He also said "sometimes bodywork can release or do weird things." Hmm. My doctor took a quick look and saw nothing wrong; he had me make an appointment for an audiogram, aka hearing test, which hasn't happened yet.

Since then I've been trying to be better about wearing earplugs at shows. I find that it's the smaller spaces I really have to be prepared for, as you're more likely to be standing right next to the speakers. I wore earplugs during some sets at Sasquatch, but in certain areas like the one and only dance tent they have, when I would put in earplugs I could only hear ringing and not much else. So I took them out and moved back and to the side.

On Sunday I was at a Mariners game with Johnny and I started to feel really tired, and then like I was getting sick. We took the train back to his house, and on the walk from the station to his place I could barely keep up. I laid down in his den and about an hour later I was shivering with fever. Corianton took me home and my temperature was 103. After a rough night and lots of TLC from my man, I got my fever down and went into the doc the next day. And this time he said "Wow, you've got a really infected ear!" So now I'm on an antibiotic and hoping hoping hoping that this is the cause of the ringing, and that it will go away.

Today, Corianton woke up with ringing, stuffy ears. He just got back from his doc and the diagnosis was the same: ear infection!
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pictures for the words [May. 18th, 2011|12:28 pm]
A little video I made from way back when... and a source of inspiration for the name of my LJ.

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In unexpected news... [Apr. 22nd, 2011|10:52 pm]
...I am really missing L.A., of all things.
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sweatin' to the oldies [Jul. 19th, 2010|08:02 am]

sweatin' to the oldies
Originally uploaded by baconbits
The next time you're in L.A., check with the Slimmons Center to see if Richard Simmons is teaching a class. Haven't laughed and sweated that hard in a long time!
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don't be mad that i told facebook first [Dec. 22nd, 2009|04:09 pm]
Corianton and I are engayged!

It actually went down on our three-year anniversary of being together, December 8th. We were in Palm Springs for a weekend multi-birthday blowout @ the Ace Hotel and decided to stick around for a few days afterwards for some quality alone time, and thanks to Bob & Judy we were able to stay in their fab PS pad.

I wonder if I'm the first person to propose in a hot tub? I like to think so. I always ask couples how their proposal happened because I find those stories so interesting. Ours is best retold in person.

No dates or plans for anything yet. Might not actually happen till 2011. We kinda like the idea of being fiancés forever. Whatever we decide to do, it'll be a fun one.

I am the happiest, luckiest guy in the world.
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separated at rebirth? [Nov. 4th, 2009|05:09 pm]
Did anyone else find it funny that the "V" alien invasion returned on the same night as "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" ??

Who looks more like an alien: Diana (from the original "V" series), Tabatha, or Anna (from the new "V" on ABC) ??

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Retro In Peace [Oct. 27th, 2009|12:45 pm]
Going to see THIS IS IT tonight. I'm sure it'll be interesting, at the very least.

Allison and I were supposed to go to London to see one of the THIS IS IT shows. The only other time I had a chance to see MJ was when he played a few shows at the LA Sports Arena, right next door to USC where I was in school. I went over one night to try and get a ticket but they were too expensive (even then!) for my starving student budget.

Ever since Ricky Wilson died, before I had a chance to see him play with The B-52's, I've been a total concert complete-ist. If I have even a middling interest interest in a band, I will try to go see them. And if it's remotely nostalgic, I'll brave smoky backwoods casinos and dirty, dangerous fairgrounds to see all kinds of retro acts, just in case it's my last chance ever. I actually saw Duran Duran play a parking lot - twice. And poor Olivia Newton-John played the parking lot of a casino, which in my mind is about as low as you can go.

No, wait - the worst ever was seeing Berlin play at the Hollywood Park horse track. They had them set up on this makeshift stage that was only about 5 inches tall, in a room with all these betting machines and vendors selling $1 beers and hot dogs. The whole room reeked of hot buns and weiner steam. At one point Terri Nunn said "It's my birthday today..." and only one or two people even reacted-- everyone's attention was on the horse racing they were showing all these giant monitors. Later that year at Hollywood Park they booked "Frankie Goes to Hollywood," but I missed it. It wasn't even the real FGTH but an imposter band, which kinda made me even more bummed to have missed it, because how many chances will I get to see those guys?

Other acts I wish I'd seen before a key member kicked the bucket:

And even though I've seen them a million times, if I had a time machine I'd probably use it to follow The B-52's through their various periods and hopefully meet Ricky Wilson.
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